Suffolk Show

Each June, the Suffolk Show captivates visitors with its vibrant celebration of regional farming, gardening, culinary arts, and entertainment — a tradition that stands as the county's premier agricultural event. Set against the backdrop of Suffolk's rich landscapes, the Suffolk Show beckons families, food enthusiasts, and music lovers to come together and enjoy two days brimming with activities and showcases.

Witness the splendor of local agriculture through impressive livestock displays and equestrian events that demonstrate both competition and skill. Discover the beauty and ingenuity of gardening at horticultural exhibits teeming with colors and fragrances. Foodies will revel in a gastronomic journey through the Food Hall where the finest Suffolk produce takes center stage — from artisan cheeses and bread to craft ales and locally-sourced meats.

The air carries melodies as live music performances provide a soundtrack to the festivities, featuring local artists and bands across various genres. Interactive experiences, educational workshops, and thrilling fairground attractions ensure that there's entertainment suited to every age and interest.

The Suffolk Show is more than an exhibition — it is a celebration of the county’s heart and soil, cultivating a sense of community and pride in the region's heritage. Mark your calendars, as this event is a quintessential slice of Suffolk life that you won't want to miss.


The Suffolk Show

1. What dates is the Suffolk Show held on?

The Suffolk Show typically takes place in June. For this year's exact dates, please visit the official Suffolk Show website.

2. What sort of attractions can I expect at the Suffolk Show?

The Suffolk Show boasts a rich array of attractions, including agricultural and livestock exhibitions, horticultural displays, gourmet food and drink stands, and live music performances. Also, there are plenty of family-friendly activities and educational workshops.

3. Can I buy tickets to the Suffolk Show online?

Yes, tickets for the Suffolk Show are usually available for purchase online in advance. It is often advisable to buy early as there can be discounts for early bookings. Check the official ticket page for more details and pricing.

4. Is the Suffolk Show suitable for children?

Absolutely! The Suffolk Show is a family-oriented event with lots of activities and exhibits tailored for children, including interactive experiences and fun fair attractions. It's a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn about agriculture and enjoy the countryside.