Ipswich’s most beautiful sights

Christchurch Park in Ipswich is home to Christchurch Mansion, one of the most beautiful Grade I listed Tudor brick mansions in the UK. Construction on the property began in 1548 following the dissolution of the monastery formerly on the grounds. The land had been purchased in 1545 by Paul Withypoll, but it was his son Edmund who had the property built. It was finished in 1550.

The property was held in private hands until 1895. Its final owner, Felix Thornley Cobbold, presented it as a gift to the people of Ipswich to be transformed into a museum and art gallery. He did this under the provision that the 70 acres of land be purchased and turned into a public park. This was duly done and Cobbold even provided an additional £20,000 (equivalent to over £2 million now) to help purchase artwork.

Christchurch Mansion is now revered as being home to the largest collections of paintings by Gainsborough, the dominant British portraitist of the 18th century, and celebrated landscapist Constable outside of London. Other important artworks can be found in the property along with stunning furnishings and artefacts.

The Park around the mansion is also celebrated and a popular tourist attraction in its own right. It features beautifully manicured lawns, ponds and wooden areas. The Upper and Lower Arboretums are particularly attractive and are planted with seasonal displays every year for people to enjoy. Over 100 species of birds can be seen in the park and part of it is even designated as a bird reserve.

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